10 facts about Russian women from non-Russian men’s perspectives

Ksenia L.
3 min readApr 27, 2021
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You are correct if you think that men all over the world admire Russian women’s beauty. Find out what else they usually say about ladies from Russia!

  1. Russian women place a high value on their appearance. Sure, they have good genes, but they also spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. They learn to care for themselves from a young age, despite the fact that their beauty is natural. They may not wear makeup in principle, but they do so to boost their confidence. They are right to be proud of their appearance.
  2. Family is the most important value in a Russian woman’s life coordinates system. Despite the fact that Russian girls study, work, and pursue a career, their husbands and children are always their top priority. Perhaps this is because patriarchal traditions are still prevalent in Russian society.
  3. Russian women adore romance. You are expected to treat them as ladies and to behave like gentlemen. They enjoy small gifts but may decline expensive gifts because they dislike feeling obligated.
  4. The majority of Russian girls have a stunning figure, either pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped. Young girls take care of themselves by participating in sports or exercising on a regular basis to stay fit. They avoid fast food and practice long walks.
  5. Russian women dress exquisitely. Even in the dead of winter, they dress in miniskirts, heels, and tights. They even dress up for a simple dinner or a trip to the movies. Many Russians dress for work in the same way that American women dress for parties.
  6. In Russia, most girls marry before the age of 30. Nonetheless, they continue to study and work despite their marriage.
  7. Most Russian women are excellent cooks, and they learn this skill from their mothers. Cooks and cleaners are rarely hired in Russia because Russian women do not trust strangers to do their housework. That is why they make excellent hosts.
  8. Russian women are extremely intelligent. After all, it was this country that invented space travel and gave birth to Nabokov! A Russian girl is capable of thinking, acting, and living independently. She studies, gets a job, and works hard to support herself completely.
  9. If you are lucky enough to win a Russian girl’s heart, you should also love her family: Russian families are very strong and close-knit. If you can gain the trust of the girl’s family, they will accept you as a member of their family. However, if you cheat on your Russian girlfriend, you’re done. Russian families can be vengeful, vindictive, and dangerous.
  10. Russian girls are extremely loyal, and if they fall in love, they stay in love for a very long time. To avoid divorce, the Russian will try to save any relationship, even if it is harmful to her. But don’t test her patience: if she decides to leave, she’ll leave for good.

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