7 signs that a girl is ready for a serious relationship

Ksenia L.
3 min readMay 17, 2021

You’re probably ready to take your online dating life to the next level if you’re tired of playing games with women and having short-term relationships that never work out. There are a lot of lovely single women out there looking for serious, long-term relationships with you. All you have to do is learn how to tell them apart from others.

1. Her family exemplifies a healthy relationship.

Ask your potential partner about her family. Do her parents live together? Of course, not all couples live happily ever after, but the fact that her parents are still together is a major plus. In this case, she will aim to establish the same harmonious social unit. She most certainly knows the tricks to preserve long and strong relationships. And if her family is incomplete, this is not a sentence because her parents’ mistakes are still learned.

2. Her mother left a favorable impression on you.

If a woman wants to be in a long-term relationship with you, she may want to incorporate you into all aspects of her life, including meeting friends and family. If you met on an international dating site, you can do it through video chat.

Pay attention to her mother if you want to see how your future partner will look in 20 years. This stereotype is right in the majority of cases. After all, the mother serves as the primary model for the girl to emulate. Is she taking care of herself? What does she enjoy? Is she related to any family members? She will make an effort to instill her habits in her daughter. However, if the girl tries to do the opposite, even a negative example may be beneficial.

3. You liked her inner circle.

Your potential partner’s sisters and girlfriends obviously have an impact on her; otherwise, she would not associate with them. Each of them is most likely a representation of one or more aspects of your chosen one’s personality. There is cause to be concerned if they are all avid party girls and your girlfriend is portraying herself as a homebody.

4. She is independent.

Even though men prefer to take the lead in relationships, no one wants to associate their life with an infantile lady. Two adults can build a successful relationship, so if a girl can make it without the assistance of her parents and boyfriends, this is a positive sign.

5. She values your time and care.

People with a customer mentality are usually unconcerned about the needs and opportunities of others. This strategy, however, will not work in a serious relationship. If a girl takes signs of attention for granted and expects gifts regardless of common sense, you run the risk of being left alone at a broken trough and broken love.

6. She’s got dreams and specific goals.

The more interests a woman has, the more appealing she is to others. With a girl who is full of ideas, you will be inspired and motivated to develop. Otherwise, it will is a wagon that you must pull on yourself when you have sufficient strength and desire.

7. She accepts you for who you are and helps you become better.

Many women are deliberately attempting to reshape their relationships. Any means are used, from tears to threats of divorce. As a consequence, the feeling of your own inadequacy persists, you lose heart, and you don’t want to do something. A girl who really loves you would be able to recognize and respect your individuality and assist you in realizing your full potential.

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