Advice for international daters in 2022

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6 min readOct 3, 2022

It is easy to see why international dating has grown in popularity in recent years. CuteOnly and other dating services have made it easy to meet single girls outside your social circles. To assist you, we’ve compiled a thorough list of advice on international dating for 2022. Be prepared; some may appear unusual and force you outside of your comfort zone.

Communicate your needs
Describe what you’re searching for right away. If your Slavic lady is merely searching for a good time and you want something serious, give her a hard pass. Set boundaries and stick to them.

When you first start dating internationally, things may not go as planned. When you initially start working out, you start with light weights and work your way up to heavier and more complex workouts. It’s the same with dating. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if the first few dates aren’t perfect. Continue to practice and strengthen your dating muscles in preparation for 2023.

Chat on FaceTime
FaceTime/video chat before the date may be uncomfortable for some people, but it’s the greatest method to determine whether they’re who they claim they are.

Don’t get attached to ladies you’ve just met
Take a step back if you recently met and fell in love. You don’t know her, and you could be imagining what you want her to be rather than who she is.

Ask for her Instagram account
Everyone currently has an Instagram account, unless you grew obsessed and had to uninstall the app. You may get a glimpse into her life by asking for her Instagram.

Don’t overlook the warning signs
If you see a bunch of red flags when dating, consider whether this is the person you want to be with. The last thing you want to do is wait and find out she was not a fit after all. Your time is the one thing you can never get back. In other words, draw the line if there are several things about this woman that make you uncomfortable as a potential dater.

Don’t make a big deal about it if she stops messaging
If she stops messaging you and you have a feeling she’s not into you, either go on or follow up a week later. Don’t be concerned. She may be busy, but if she is actually interested in you, she will make time to chat with you. So don’t obsess or go overboard. It’s generally smart to give up after a few texts go unanswered.

Play no games
It’s 2022; don’t play games with your girlfriend’s emotions through manipulation. If you like her, you should treat her nicely. Be honest if you’re not feeling it. Don’t squander her time.

Don’t let her persuade you to wait if she isn’t ready
“I like you, but…” These are well-known words. If a lady shares this with you and drags you along, be prepared for the worst. Will she ever be ready for you if she isn’t ready now?

Ask about her previous relationships
It’s normal to bring up past relationships. Pay close attention to how those relationships proceeded and how she views their ex-partners. If everything has gone wrong for her, and she despises everyone, it might be a red flag.

Follow your instincts
When dating in 2022, you must, like with other issues, trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right about this woman, or if you’re just not into her, don’t waste your or her time. It’s fine to cut it off.

Does she complement your personality?
Finding someone in 2022 is not what it was in the past. Date someone who brings out the best in you. Does she energize you? Can you learn anything from her?

Does she make you happy?
This is critical in every relationship. If you start dating someone and she makes you unhappy, call it quits. There are so many gorgeous ladies out there; don’t spend your time with someone who drains your energy or makes you feel horrible on the inside.

Share similar ideals
Do you share values with the Slavic lady you’re dating? Not all opposites attract. They may be complementary in your life, but if they do not share core ideals, your relationship will be difficult.

Don’t give in to her pressure
If a woman you start seeing begins to pressurize you and you urge her to stop, but she persists, it is up to you if you want to continue seeing her. That is most likely the sort of connection you will have with her. Don’t get mixed up between someone pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone and someone outright forcing you to do something you don’t want to do.

Don’t worry about labels
If the lady you’re dating does not want to be labeled your official girlfriend, you should assess if she regards this as anything serious. Trust your instincts, but you may also have an open dialogue and ask her why she is opposed to a formal designation.

Stop putting forth the effort if she isn’t interested in you
Do you believe this is a one-sided relationship? If this is the case, you must consider whether this is how you want to spend your energy. Would someone who loves you not make the same effort you are?

Consider it as a process or experience
Dating is an ongoing process. Even though you might be becoming upset, remember that it’s all part of the process.

Take counsel with a grain of salt
Your friends may have thoughts about the lady you’re seeing. Take that with a grain of salt, though. They may not be looking out for your best interests and may be projecting their own. Although you should thank them for their advice, the choice is ultimately yours.

Don’t date a lady searching for approval
When you start dating, you may find that some women desire your affection in order to feel better about themselves. Make sure you are acutely aware of this. That woman may not be ready to date yet, which might lead to a chaotic and difficult relationship. It is not your obligation to make her feel worthy if she does not believe she is.

Give compliments without expecting a response
The cheapest and one of the most powerful types of showing your affection is freely giving compliments. Give without expecting anything in return; simply give. Recognize it and let her know how much she means to you if you appreciate the way her morning texts make you feel.

Accept responsibility for your actions
Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t place blame on others. Learn from your failures. Making mistakes is not the only source of accountability. It applies to every choice you make. When you hold yourself accountable for every action in your life, you will begin to perceive yourself as a powerful individual. Whether or not the decision was bad, it was a learning experience.

Be truthful to yourself
What do you genuinely desire? Do you wish to end your relationship? Do you think she isn’t acting in your best interests? Waiting and hoping that a woman will change or that your feelings for her will alter simply makes the bad situation worse. Be truthful to yourself. Do not deceive yourself; it may take some time to grasp what you desire.

Be open to new experiences
Nothing is more attractive than a person who is willing to try new things and is open to new experiences. It’s an adventure to live. Be receptive to the chances that come your way.

Dating in 2022 may be daunting. You may believe that you will be single always. Consider this list and evaluate what you’re missing when dating or in your present relationship. Dating is an ongoing process. As you date, you learn, develop, and evolve.

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