Best tips on making an international relationship work

Ksenia L.
5 min readNov 10, 2021

Many individuals feel that international relationships will always fail. Your family may dissuade you from doing so, and some of your closest friends may warn you not to take it too seriously for fear of breaking your heart.

Nobody claims it will be simple — the added distance makes many things impossible. Things might become confusing, and you may feel unhappy and lonely sometimes.

The distance, on the other hand, makes the simplest things sweeter: holding each other’s hand, feeling each other’s touch, smelling each other’s hair. These minor wants may suddenly mean a lot more in a long-distance relationship.

So, if you’re one of the numerous people who want to attempt this experience, you may as well do it with Russian ladies. As you learn about their excellent traits in terms of love, romance, and friendship, you’ll undoubtedly want to meet someone with whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life.

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they can also be full of surprises. Here are 21 suggestions to make your international relationship work to keep your love alive and strong:

Strive for mutual respect

Hundreds of gorgeous Russian women are available for love, dating, and marriage on the internet. If you end up being interested in someone you met online, be careful to treat her with respect. Try to avoid discussing sexual matters, as this is usually regarded as a significant turn-off, especially if you haven’t met in person yet.

When dating Russian women, you must keep in mind that they were reared in a society that is vastly different from your own. As a result, they may have some procedures that you are unfamiliar with yet must adjust to. You’re merely demonstrating respect by doing so. These girls, too, are prepared to go above and above, especially if the person you’re with actually cares about you. So, if you can accomplish that, you can be assured that your Russian woman would do the same for you.

Establish some ground rules

During this international relationship, both of you must be clear about what you expect of one other. Set some ground rules so that neither of you will do something that will surprise the other.

Are you two, for example, exclusive? Is it okay if the other person goes on dates with you? What is your degree of commitment? Be honest with one another about all of these issues.

Stay honest and open

Discuss your sentiments of dread, insecurity, jealousy, indifference, or anything else. Don’t attempt to handle everything on your own. Communicate openly and honestly with one another. Allow your Russian woman to assist you and provide you with the necessary support.

Make an effort to communicate

Strive to keep your Russian girlfriend up to speed on your life and its events, no matter how banal some of them may appear.

Send each other photographs, audio samples, and short films from time to time to boost the ante. By making such an effort, you make the other person feel loved and cared for.

Video-chat whenever possible

Because gazing at each other in the eyes and hearing one other’s voices may make things seem better.

Treat it as an opportunity

Consider it a learning experience for both of you. View it as a test of your love for one another. Instead of believing that your long-distance relationship is tearing you two apart, you should trust that this experience will strengthen your bond even more.

Maintain an optimistic attitude

To keep an international relationship alive, you must consistently infuse good energy into it. Being appreciative all of the time is a great way to stay optimistic. Be grateful that you have someone to adore and who loves you in return. Be grateful for the small things, such as the handwritten note that came in your mailbox safely the other day. Be grateful for one another’s health and well-being.

Avoid over-communicating

You and your Russian girlfriend don’t have to converse 24 hours a day to keep the connection going. Many international couples believe that they must make up for the distance by doing more. Remember the saying “less is more.” It is not about spamming — you will merely tire yourself.

Do things together

Recommend books, TV series, movies, music, current events, and other items to one another. When you read, watch, and listen to the same things, you have more common ground to discuss.

Even if you live apart, this is a fantastic way to establish some shared experiences.

Visit each other

Every international relationship revolves around visits. You finally get to meet one other after all the waiting, wanting, and abstinence to fulfill all the little things like kissing, holding hands, and so on, which are all common to other couples but particularly meaningful and intimate for those in long-distance relationships.

Know her schedule

Knowing when your Russian girlfriend is working and when she is free is useful so you can send her a text or call at the appropriate moment. You don’t want to interrupt her in the middle of a lesson or during a business meeting. Know about the tiny and significant events in each other’s lives, such as college midterms and examinations, crucial business trips and meetings, job interviews, and so on. This is especially important since you and your Russian woman live in different time zones.

Gift some personal object for her to hold on to

A memento has a lot of power. Whether it’s a little pendant, a ring, or a bottle of perfume, there’s something for everyone. We routinely ascribe significance to little objects and stuff in our daily lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. This is what we all do: we try to store memories of intangible objects in the hopes of being able to gaze at or hold on to something that will help us recall when our minds fail us. This is why something so basic may mean so much to someone, even if it is of little or no value to others.

In the end, finding love among Russian women is something you’ll be glad for after you’ve discovered their ideal characteristics. As a result, don’t be afraid to discover everything you can about these girls and start meeting gorgeous Russian singles right away!

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