Dating advice for men who have recently divorced

Ksenia L.
3 min readOct 6, 2022

Divorced people have a lot of emotions to go through as well as new dating norms to learn, not to mention the life changes they’ve gone through while they were last single. For many divorced guys, one of those changes is having children. Many men may believe that dating isn’t worth it, so they withdraw inside themselves. This post is intended to assist you in picking yourself up, keeping your head high, and moving on.

Don’t rush

After a serious relationship, it’s natural to want to jump right back into the joy of dating. You might be tempted to pursue the first woman you meet on a dating site. However, real relationships must go through several stages of development to succeed:

  • Introduction stage
    When you saw an attractive woman on a dating service and sent her the first message.
  • Connection stage
    When you read her return message, you found you had some things in common and wanted to learn more about each other.
  • Comfort stage
    This is the stage where you lean on each other for support and disclose more of your thoughts and emotions.
  • Intimacy stage
    The long-term partnership. You’ve both been open and honest with one another. You have both physical and emotional intimacy with each other.

Divorcees sometimes want to skip right to the last two stages. If you truly want your new relationship to succeed, don’t rush into the intimacy stage. Allow nature to take its course.

Trust but verify

Beautiful women on an international dating site receive dozens of messages every day. Thus, use caution when conversing online. If she gets in touch with you and you think she’s too good to be true because she’s so gorgeous, it probably is. Check the messages’ syntax and grammar to determine whether it seems like how someone would naturally speak.

Don’t give up any personal information, money, passwords, or anything else online. Make sure the woman is who she claims to be. To avoid being scammed, you may also perform reverse image searches on any images.

Be open to new opportunities

Try new things and possibilities since you are not only improving yourself, but you never know what might happen when you open yourself up a bit broader. Getting to know a Slavic lady on CuteOnly is an excellent option for people who are ready to entirely remove the picture of their ex-wife from their minds and hearts.

Set an example of healthy relations for your kids

Show your children how you are getting up, dusting yourself off, holding your head high, and being the kind of person you hope they may be instead of dragging it out alone after a divorce. With children, you should obviously take your time, but you don’t have to keep it a secret from them. They adore you and want the best for you.

Celebrate the new!

Divorce can feel like a death sentence. Divorce is the end of a relationship, the end of a prospective future, the end of “us,” yet there is life after divorce.

It is acceptable to grieve and express your emotions. And you don’t have to keep it all in. Anyone going through a divorce or who has been through a breakup will realize that it is a process.

Take things slowly, allow yourself to breathe, learn from your failures, and you’ll find another fantastic woman who will make you very happy.

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