How can you tell whether a Russian woman is in love?

Ksenia L.
3 min readSep 3, 2021

If it appears to you that all Russian women in love are timid and bashful, you are mistaken.

A Russian lady in love will be vibrant, boisterous, and smelling of perfume. She will go to any length to ensure that you pay attention to her. She may not approach you directly with a flirty wink, but she will come within your line of sight so you can assess her posture, form, skin, and hair condition, and hear her voice.

Of course, her primal impulses drive her to do so. A Russian woman in love will capture your sight so frequently that you would conclude that it is fate that casts its nets.

Her heart rate increases as a result of your being next to her, and as a result, she engages in naive and sweet behavior, becoming a bit intrusive. She will feel ashamed of her actions once the high of love has worn off. But that will come later. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the process.

How can you know whether a Russian woman is in love?

First and foremost, she will continually ask you questions (about a weather forecast or a new Hollywood blockbuster movie, for example). No one else would like to start a discussion about these things. People use smartphones with a dozen sites led by the country’s top meteorologists at their disposal. As well as online portals where fresh movie reviews are published in literary language, with knowledge of the subject.

A Russian lady will continue to question you since the process of making contact is more essential to her than learning your perspectives. The more you communicate with each other, the closer you get. First, she will focus on friendship, and then she will see what happens.

Communication provides her with numerous opportunities to appreciate, smile, and praise you. That is, to set up the snares into which you will soon fall.

Second, there is always a lot of eye contact, as if this Russian girl is attempting to communicate with you through her eyes. She may also try to discover something about you by the expression of your eyes. For instance, what mood you are in.

How many people are willing to glance at your face frequently, striving to memorize every line and look deeper into your eyes? Only a girl in love sees your true beauty and is ready to stare at it for hours.

When you start to comprehend a Russian woman’s feelings, she will shift her sight to something else. Confessing her feelings exposes her soul and makes her vulnerable. A Russian woman does not strive for this since, according to her expectations, you must still conquer her, overcome by the need to learn about the nature of her interest.

Another thing to mention is total approval. ARussian woman will agree with all of your ideas and underline the significance of your plans. You will suddenly expand to the size of Gulliver in the realm of the Lilliputians, and you will become Emperor or Lord.

What lady, after all, could conjure up such an atmosphere? Only a Russian woman in love could do such a thing.

Everyone else is usually uninterested in you or your ideas. If you tell some other woman about it, she will probably do everything she can to get rid of you and get back to her business.

A Russian woman in love will always want to touch you or treat you in some way.

We live in a prosperous day; there is no scarcity, and the shelves are brimming with things to suit every taste, color, and budget. A Russian lady in love will always bring you a cookie, a chocolate bar, or a cake that she has cooked herself as a symbol of devotion, a wish to share the taste with you.

And one more thing.

A Russian woman is usually lovely, glowing, and in a pleasant mood when you are around. If you detect coldness in her actions, you are either incorrect or there is no sympathy. It’s also possible that she’s been waiting for a reciprocal step from you for so long and so desperately that she’s simply exhausted, offended, and unsure how to proceed.

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