How to deal with dry texting while communicating with a Slavic lady

Ksenia L.
4 min readJan 17, 2023

Despite its many advantages-convenience, simplicity, and speed-texting is still communicating in a vacuum. Yes, any digital discussion may send a message from one person to another, but without the natural aspects of body language and facial expression present in an in-person conversation, or even the tone and honesty that can be heard in a phone call, the words of a text can lack vital context and complexity. It’s possible for an essential texting interaction to sound robotic, inhuman…or, at the absolute least, dry unless you seek to fill that contextual hole with additional words or emoticons.

Dry texting is now used to describe any text exchange in which one of the parties relies solely on one- or two-word replies to maintain the discussion. It can be more bothersome when communicating through text because the recipient has no additional background to determine the texter’s interest or thinking, unlike when speaking in person or on the phone. Dry texting (e.g., “yes,” “cool,” “that’s ok”) without nonverbal social indicators might make the recipient uncertain of their position and the tone of the message.

To bridge that communication gap, it’s become increasingly typical for people to pad text messages with things like “lol” and emoticons, both of which help color how a text-sender truly feels. In fact, according to a 2017 poll of 2,000 individuals in the United States, 71% utilize visual expressions such as emojis, stickers, and GIFs in their communications. A 2022 poll of 1,000 remote and hybrid employees in the United States found that seven out of ten felt communication is incomplete without an emoji. All of this serves to highlight the dry texters: The bare-bones design might be seen as a purposeful choice to exclude information, especially in light of the explosion of visual tools and linguistic developments that allow texts to have a deeper, more human tone.

So, what should you do with the dry texters you meet while dating online? Below are some insights on why Slavic women you connect with on international dating sites may engage in dry texting in the first place (to help you understand where they’re coming from), why it may be so irritating on the receiving end, and what you can do to enliven those dry chats.

Why would a Slavic lady send dry text messages in the first place?

It’s natural to question what a woman is concealing or withholding and why when she chooses to communicate by text simply the bare minimum. The reason someone is dry texting, though, may have more to do with them than the discussion, say dating experts.

First off, it’s always possible that a Slavic lady is truly too busy to add more complexity to her texts, or that she simply believes texting should be kept for only the most basic of communications. She might not even be aware that her texts could be perceived as soulless or robotic in that situation. She suspects that these simple communications come across as a lot friendlier in her brain than they do in reality. On a deeper level, she may struggle with text communication to the point that she only feels comfortable providing brief replies. Dry texters may be socially anxious and have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings in writing.

Aside from personal reasons, the dry texting might be a reflection of how a Slavic lady perceives your relationship. A woman who is hesitant to put any genuine effort into the conversation-and, by implication, the relationship-might send dry messages. It might be her attempt to distance herself from you by preventing effective communication.

How to spice up your interactions with a Slavic lady who is dry texting you

Before you get into strategies for encouraging a dry-texting lady to be more conversational, it’s crucial to connect with her and ask a few questions, like if she genuinely enjoys texting and has time to text anytime you’ve reached out to her. If the answer to either question is “no,” you’d be better off figuring out a communication “middle ground” in which you text less and she responds with greater passion.

It may also be good in this chat with the dry-texting Slavic lady to explicitly state how her present communication style is being perceived by you. She may be unaware that her texting style is making you feel unheard or unloved, and understanding this may motivate her to be more verbose in her responses.

You may then establish clear communication standards about texting so that you’re both on the same page. For example, you may decide that one-letter, one-word, and/or one-emoji comments are unacceptable to you and that you will leave the discussion if you get them.

You may also model the type of messaging you’d like to receive and construct your own texts around topics that tend to elicit interaction, such as photographs, gifs, or even voice notes. Similarly, you may send articles or links to social media posts that made you think of her, as well as ask open-ended questions, which often get fuller and more involved answers.

In any regard, it’s crucial to remember that texting is still only one mode of communication-and a fundamentally flawed one at that. If a Slavic woman can’t or won’t compensate for the lack of nuance that texting brings, it’s all the more incentive to communicate with her in other ways more regularly.

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