How to keep a Slavic lady interested in you across distance?

Ksenia L.
4 min readDec 12, 2022

If you’ve met a Slavic lady you like, you probably don’t want to miss out on the chance to fall in love because you don’t reside in the same country. Even if you only see her a few times a month (or even a year), you may still have a good, meaningful relationship with her. Still, being in a long-distance relationship takes effort, and you must make an effort to ensure that you and your Slavic lady feel connected even when you are not physically together.

How often to see one other, how to feel connected when you aren’t physically together, and how to communicate while you are together or away are just a few of the many concerns that arise in a long-distance relationship.

These simple guidelines can assist you in surviving a long-distance relationship with a Slavic woman you met on a dating website:

Morning and evening conversations

It’s crucial to contact each other every morning and every evening before retiring for the night. In this manner, you have a sense of connection at the start and conclusion of each day. You will feel like a part of each other’s days even when you are not physically present with each other.

Because you would often be alone together in the mornings and evenings in a long-distance relationship, those are also the times of day when you could feel the most lonely. Additionally, a day can bring up a lot of emotional issues for us, so it might be comforting to have those check-ins.

Stay connected on the phone

Staying connected is critical in a long-distance relationship. Because so much may be lost in translation via text, talking on the phone and video chatting are the most excellent methods to stay connected. It’s tempting to go through the day depending on texting and not picking up the phone, but don’t do it. Make time for in-depth talks when you can hear and see each other’s voices and faces.

Regular in-person meetings

It’s vital that you and your Slavic woman see each other as often as possible. Without a doubt, depending on the distance, it might be difficult, but it is necessary. The idea is to see each other in person at least once a quarter. Even better if you can arrange to meet each other on a monthly basis.

Visit one another where you both reside

It might be tempting to arrange wonderful, exciting vacations to visit each other when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Alternatively, it can seem practical to meet halfway between the two places you call home. But make sure you also pay each other a visit where you each reside. Traveling to visit your Slavic woman where she lives can help you understand what her daily life is like.

Always have a plan for your next meeting

It’s essential to always know when you’re going to see each other in person. Having a certain date when you know you’ll see your Slavic girlfriend again gives you both something to look forward to. When things become tough, you’ll know precisely how long you have before the next meeting.

Talk about each other’s emotions

Demonstrate your compassion and desire to be there through it all. Ask questions such as, “How can I help you?” What do you require the most from me right now? What are your thoughts? These questions encourage the person who is feeling detached to reflect on and reveal what is truly at the heart of their feelings and thoughts. It demonstrates concern for the person asking and provides insight into what is most required to return to connection and love.

Surprise one another with small gifts

When you aren’t physically together, it’s crucial to demonstrate your attentiveness in novel ways. If you know your Slavic girlfriend like flowers, have some delivered to her. If you are aware that she is feeling unwell, order meal delivery so that it appears as though you are caring for her yourself.

Get romantic over video chat

Set aside time for romance as a pair, even if it’s online. You may interact with each other over video chat and get intimate, maintaining your attraction.

If something doesn’t feel right, talk about it.

If anything has changed in the relationship, it’s time to start questioning if you’re both on the same page and have a difficult talk about whether it’s time to end the relationship. Inquire about what has changed and what has changed. You may also need to inquire whether there is anyone else present if you believe there is. Believe in your intuition.

Prioritize one another

Long-distance relationships need effort, and it’s critical that both you and your Slavic girlfriend put in the effort and prioritize one another. When one person quits preferring the other, it’s no longer worth it. If someone begins to remove themselves, refuses to commit to plans, or withdraws, it is critical to talk about it. It’s just as important for both of you to feel as though you’re being prioritized in whatever ways make you happy.

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