Saint Valentine’s Day in Russia

Ksenia L.
2 min readFeb 9, 2021

The celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day in Russia has been borrowed from the United States together with Halloween and some other traditions like throwing bridal bouquets or sending air kisses. Young people use it as an excuse for romantic dates, even though the Russian Orthodox Church actively opposes this Western tradition.

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As an adopted holiday, Valentine’s Day came to Russia in early 90’s and quickly became one of the most popular romantic holidays in Russia. Its annual celebration on the 14th of February is being observed not only by young adults and school students, but also by the matured audience in addition to the so-called Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness celebrated on the 8th of July (the day of Saints Peter and Fevronia which is being promoted by the Russian Orthodox Church since 2008).

Just like the rest of the world, Russian people really make the most of this romantic holiday. This is the time when children exchange valentine cards in school and visit special events and parties to celebrate St. Valentines Day. Russian night clubs use this occasion to for arranging romantic parties for young couples. Almost all restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets, services and businesses in Russia offer special sales and discounts prior to Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped decorations all over the storefronts and other romantic attributes help people fall into this atmosphere and attract shoppers.

In Russia, St. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your love, passion and appreciation with your significant other. Giving your loved one flowers is considered to be an extremely romantic act, especially for women. According to the “language of flowers” these flowers should be roses, orchids, tulips, asters, carnations, gladioli and peonies.

In addition to flowers, many people use this day as an opportunity to buy a special gift for their loved ones. It could be a box of chocolate or cookies, a cute teddy bear or a bottle of champagne. Modern Valentine’s presents may differ from a simple handmade postcard with romantic wishes inside to the expensive jewelry or perfume. Romantic dinners are also a must do in Russia on a Valentine’s Day. It shouldn’t necessary be a dinner at a fancy restaurant, most of the couples prefer homemade candlelit dinners.

Saint Valentine’s Day has a very important meaning for all single Russian ladies seeking partners abroad. Many international dating services allow singles to exchange short love notes and online postcards to express admiration and desire to get acquainted. Even a shy person shall give it a try. That is why when it comes to international dating, Valentine’s Day is a great time for romantic miracles!

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