Simple tips for being more understanding in a relationship with a Russian lady

Ksenia L.
4 min readAug 16, 2021

When you are dating online, understanding is one of the top traits of a good partner for a reason. Apart from allowing your potential partner to be herself without fear of being criticized, it also allows you to see things from her point of view.

If you’re still unsure how to be more understanding in a relationship, these simple tips will help you in recognizing, appreciating, and practicing this crucial trait.

Spend some time getting to know her better.
The difficulty in attempting to comprehend your Russian woman stems from your incapacity to recognize her not only as a partner but also as a human being capable of various moods and emotions. It is impossible to fully learn how to understand someone if you do not know them: their strengths, joys, worries, and flaws.

As a relationship, you must take your time getting to know your partner. It may take months or years (especially since she is from another country), but it will all be worth it if you want your relationship to continue.

Learn how to negotiate.
If you want to be an understanding partner, you must focus on finding common ground, rather than proving that you are always correct. Remember, your Russian girlfriend is not your adversary, and you are both fighting the same battle.

Allow her to live her life apart from you.
Being an understanding partner entails accepting that your relationship is not the center of the universe — and the same holds true for your Russian girlfriend. In other words, don’t make your relationship her top priority — and that includes allowing her the opportunity to simply live and have fun, even when you are not nearby.

Be conscious of your own emotions and motivations.
Understanding another person can be tough if you don’t understand yourself. What is your level of self-awareness? What causes you to feel joyful, sad, or angry? What motivates you as a result of these feelings? How do they assist you in making decisions? If you know the answers to these questions about yourself, it will be much easier for you to understand your Russian woman’s struggles.

Respect your Russian woman’s needs as a social being.
Allow your girlfriend to spend time with her friends or with her family. Allow her to travel alone and live her life to the fullest even when you are away. Above all, let her pursue her personal goal and urge her to go out into the world and achieve her biggest goals.

Allow her to explain before reacting.
Allow your Russian girlfriend an opportunity to explain herself if you believe she did something that made you angry, sad, or disappointed. Listen to her side of the tale before passing judgment. People in relationships sometimes choose to be angry and react to detrimental emotional outbursts before truly talking to their partner.

Understand the objectives and motivations of your Russian woman.
Learning to be understanding, even after your partner has done something wrong, may be the most difficult thing to do, especially if you are hurt and deceived. However, you must find the strength and love to listen with complete honesty.

Assist her in learning from her mistakes.
Being understanding is one technique to repair an almost shattered connection. It will assist you in healing and understanding that, even though your partner made mistakes, she deserves a second chance to show herself.

In this process, you must contribute to the relationship by assisting your significant other in learning from her mistakes. You must be patient and understanding enough to try again. Most essential, attempt to focus on her efforts rather than her failures.

Don’t impose your own ideas and beliefs.
Never push your own thoughts and beliefs on your Russian woman, no matter how much you believe you are superior to her in terms of experience, maturity, or even intellect. You will just be blinded and uninformed of how she genuinely feels if you do so.

If you want to be an understanding partner in a relationship, you should understand that accepting your Russian girlfriend’s values as a part of who she is and respecting her ideas is essential if you want to maintain your link strong.

Keep in mind that you are not always right.
Being an understanding partner entails listening to what the other person has to say. You are not always correct, and most of the time, attempting to prove that your points of view, thoughts, and judgment are superior might end up hurting her much more and leading to a fight rather than a resolution.

Encourage your Russian lady to be more open.
Not everyone knows how to express their thoughts and feelings in words, which can be difficult, especially in a romantic connection. To begin with, how can you comprehend someone if they don’t know how to articulate themselves or reveal their deepest feelings? You must be more patient in this case.

Encourage your Russian girlfriend to be more open, especially about issues that may damage your relationship directly or indirectly. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of how to deal with any unexpected scenarios that you’ll experience as a couple on a daily basis.

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