Things not to do when dating a Russian woman

Ksenia L.
3 min readOct 3, 2021

Have you ever fantasized about the ideal girlfriend: someone who is independent and self-sufficient while also adhering to traditional family values? This is how Russian women are! But do you think you’d make a good match with a woman from this country? What’s the best way to win her heart?

Here are a few things you should never do when dating a Russian lady:

Don’t be a chatterbox. Your words should be backed up by deeds. Russian ladies are drawn to guys who keep their words.

Don’t ignore her. Russian woman demands your undivided attention every day, even if it’s only for a few moments. Give it to her, let her enjoy it, and then let her get back to her business.

Don’t offer to share the bill. If you’re taking a Russian girl out, expect to pay for everything and let her order anything she wants. She isn’t going to take advantage of the situation. Thank her and don’t offer to split the cost if she takes you out, which she will. Allow her to purchase beverages if she likes; you’ll be amazed how often she does so if you make it plain that you’re always willing to pay when you take her out.

Don’t try to impress her by spending money on her. Russian ladies are looking for men that are honest and have something to offer. Spending on her sends the message that you think she’s hooked on your money, and she’ll assume it’s all you have to give. Many Russian spoiled princesses get married to guys who are completely poor and unlikely to ever make any money.

Don’t show disrespect to her parents. Be respectful to her parents. Do not overreact if a member of her family or a friend wishes to remain with her or with you once you are in a relationship. If you decide to move in together, don’t get too worked up if her parents want you to get engaged. When you meet her parents for the first time, don’t be shocked if you’re questioned about your family history and shown photographs of your family.

Don’t try to satisfy all her needs. This is connected to a number of other issues. Russian woman wants you to deal with her unreasonableness not by pleading with her, but by “being a man” and setting her straight or simply moving on.

Don’t be touchy. Russian woman wants you to swiftly move on from her reactions and not dwell on them. She will forgive and forget fast if you make a mistake, therefore you must be able to do the same.

Don’t say no to whatever she cooks you. Russian ladies take pleasure in their cuisine, and Russians consume some unusual foods, but you must try them all. If you don’t like it after giving it a go, tell her; she’ll adjust.

Don’t give her flowers in even numbers. This guideline should not be overlooked. Do not purchase flowers for your Russian girlfriend in even numbers. If an even amount of flowers is inadvertently picked, the florist will usually mention anything, but it is up to you to avoid this blunder. It is impolite to give flowers in odd quantities because they are exclusively used at funerals.

Don’t forget to take your shoes off. It is important that you remove your shoes as soon as you enter a Russian house. “Tapochki” or slippers will most likely be provided by your Russian woman. Russia’s streets, particularly in the larger cities, are notoriously unclean. Don’t be shocked if your feet get black by the end of the day if you wander about Moscow with flip-flops. As a result, always take off your shoes. During the winter, it prevents the spread of dirt, snow, ice, and sand.

Don’t complicate things. Russian ladies are realistic and pragmatic. She needs you to accomplish only two things in order for her to be happy. Spend time with her and show her how much you love her. If you do these two things, she will be the most fantastic companion you could possibly imagine.

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