What do foreign women think about Russian men?

Ksenia L.
4 min readJun 10, 2021

Russian online news portal “Gazeta” polled girls from around the world to find out what they thought of current Russian men.

“The first thing I noticed about Russian men is that they speak straight to their audience. For them, sincerity is more important than politeness, although, in Latin America, the opposite is true. “I was taken aback when I heard how Russian males openly discuss what they don’t like,” said Raquel, a Colombian woman, who has been married to a Russian guy for seven years and just relocated to Moscow from Bogota.

“I also noticed that Russian men do not know how to flirt. I would say that flirting is very simple and natural for our Colombian guys, but not so for the Russians.”

“I liked how Russian men take care of their women even if they are not married. The person believes that your needs are his needs. When my Russian partner started stating, “we need to solve the problem,” I was tremendously inspired: my needs were very important to him. Our Colombian guys are only interested in women once they marry. They can take you out on dates, pay your restaurant bills, and give you gifts, but they will never delve so deeply into your problems unless you become his family,” Raquel explained.

“I also appreciate the fact that Russian men never yell filthy comments at ladies on the street. A “compliment” from a passing stranger is common in Latin America. Of course, there are nice Colombians, but there are also males that are incredibly nasty about your body and attractiveness. “I appreciate how I can go down the street in Russia and no one says anything to me — it’s quite comfortable.”

“I had a chance to talk to the Russians during my long business trip to Vladivostok. The male half of the team was always quite calm, restrained, and good-natured (which cannot be said for the female half),” says Japanese teacher Megumi.

A housewife from Italy talks highly about Russian guys following a tour to Russian cities with her husband and friends in 2012.

They traveled to St. Petersburg, Moscow, the Vladimir region, and Rostov the Great. Passers-by were kind and gave instructions to the Italians who went out for a walk in the evenings, according to Mara. She was fascinated by their guide, who appeared to her to be a lovely and highly bright person: he told her wonderful stories about Russian culture and customs.

Student Alexandra, who came to study in Moscow from Germany, also shared her opinion about men from Russia.

“I was familiar with Russians while still living in Germany, and I had already developed an opinion about Russian guys. They are more conservative than the Germans, I discovered. They are also highly concerned about their look, and they are always training and going to the gym, but I will not generalize and evaluate all Russian men based on a few acquaintances. Of course, when I arrived in Russia, I saw that there aren’t as many strong males riding nice jeeps and wearing phony costly watches, but the young guys are highly worried about their look,” Alexandra said.

“Russian men are incredibly romantic. They may look to be devouring raw bear meat for dinner, but on the inside, they are gentle and kind. Many of them enjoy listening to love music, reading poetry, and seeing romantic films on occasion.”

“They are, nevertheless, always real men in any scenario. Paying a restaurant bill, for example, is a matter of honor for him. Even if the [ouch!] girl ate more than he did. And if his companion offers to divide the bill, the male may be offended. The same is true for tickets to the opera or the movies, but not for trifles like makeup or a bathroom rug”, an Ecuadorian journalist Lara added.

Lara also told what it’s like to be the wife of a Russian man: “If you’re in a committed relationship with a Russian, he will always eat and praise your food, even if you’re a terrible cook. However, every Russian man wants you to cook for him every day. With such a husband, you may have to temper your work ambitions and become the keeper of the hearth, but he will take good care of you and your children in return.”

“Russian guys appear to be rude and heavy drinkers, little attractive, but I had to speak with men from Russia, who were remembered as kind, engaging, and very interesting people,” says Christian Viognier from France.

“They don’t say hello, don’t smile, they are always in a hurry somewhere with a phone in their hands and think a lot about work, but they don’t stand out outwardly,” describes Monica, Christian’s neighbor.

“They are really smart, they are the best chess players, they like to philosophize and drink beer on the beaches,” Monica adds.

“I spotted a tall, really gorgeous and elegant guy yesterday, and he turned out to be Russian,” says Beatrice, a Frenchwoman who lives in Cannes. … But, in general, Russian men are attractive: what are blue eyes worth? “

“Russians do not know how to speak with ladies; they prefer to go to a bar with their male friends, discuss their men’s affairs, and drink vodka; Italians and Spaniards, on the other hand, can have fun with you,” says Monica, a retired Frenchwoman.

“What is surprising is that for Russian guys, it is more important not how they appear, but how their automobile appears, their watch on their wrist, how their girlfriend is dressed,” explains Virginie.

“The Russian guy is tall, strong, has a big face, and he’s always seeking places and people to get drunk with,” Lucy, an Englishwoman residing in Cannes, inquires. “In general, I don’t know any Russian men; they aren’t the first to get to know each other.”

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