Why do Russian girls use international online dating sites?

Photo by Viktor Hanacek
  • International dating gives Russian girls access to a great number of potential partners. The choice has never been so diverse. It is a great option for “people of the world” who truly believe that love knows no borders and for those who are thinking about serious life changes.
  • Looking for a foreign man is not always associated with a desire to improve girl’s financial position. Most often, girls dream about qualitatively higher attitude towards themselves. They want to find a man who will treat them right.
  • Online dating is perfect for ladies who are feeling a little shy and find it hard to jump into conversation when meeting someone for the first time. It allows them to think about what they want to say and takes the pressure of social interactions off.
  • Using international dating sites makes girls more selective because they have a bigger choice of potential partners to select from. They will find plenty of men they can connect with, which means girls can get really picky.
  • Online dating gives Russian ladies a great possibility of selecting on characteristics that they know they’re going to like. Plus, there is a strong belief that foreign man are more respectful, attentive and caring towards women.
  • It usually takes some time from the moment a girl finds someone she likes to the moment she meets them in real life. Long-distance relationships are a nice way to build a strong foundation to their future living together.




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Ksenia L.

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