Women from Almaty, Kazakhstan

Ksenia L.
3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan with the population of about 2 million people, of which 48% are men and 52% are women. On the one hand, Almaty is a huge metropolis with many modern buildings and skyscrapers. On the other hand, it’s an incredibly pleasant and cozy city, which is also called the greenest city in the country. Almaty is famous for its pleasant climate, wonderful mountain views, great number of parks, fountains and places for recreation. Thousands of tourists come here to plunge into the atmosphere of serenity. Almaty perfectly combines all the features of a modern million-person city and, at the same time, remains green, clean, friendly and hospitable.

In addition to the beautiful architecture, incredible mountains and friendly people, Almaty is famous for its pretty ladies who have a very special appearance and character. They stand out from the crowd and attract foreign men. Their deep dark eyes, strong character and great sense of humor bring even more pleasure.

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

What comes to your mind when you think about an average oriental woman? Well, probably she’s got dark brown or black hair, dark skin, deep slanted eyes. She is definitely not very tall and has a slender, delicate figure. These common characteristics cannot be applied to all Kazakh women. Ladies from Almaty may have lighter skin and be tall. Some of them have more pronounced cheekbones, which emphasizes the beautiful shape of their eyes.

It is important to mention that women from Almaty don’t use too much of decorative cosmetics, not to mention the plastic surgeries. Nature has given them a very attractive and effective appearance. Kazakh women’s confidence in their beauty is very attractive to men.

Ladies from Almaty are very hospitable. One famous Kazakh proverb says, “if your wife is good, your house will always be full of guests, but if your wife is bad, even a friend will bypass your house.” Therefore, Kazakh girls are being taught hospitality traditions from an early age. They always enjoy having visitors, showing cordiality and know how to create comfort. They also cook very tasty.

Girls from Almaty are also taught to respect the older generation and family traditions. Family always comes first. Many Kazakh women get married at a very young age. Families tend to be large, so girls can have many siblings. Although, in the modern world, this trend got slightly modified. Many girls look at the institution of the family in a more European way and refuse getting married young.

Kazakh people say, “men make houses, women make homes”. Due to the prevailing culture and traditions, girls in Almaty are taught to be submissive, hospitable and humble. They consider men as heads of the family, trust them and rely on their strength and wisdom. At the same time, Almaty is a modern metropolis, which attracts different people and tourists from all over the world. Almaty women learn a lot from them, including the principles of equality and partnership in the family.



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