Women from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

Ksenia L.
3 min readOct 7, 2021

Krivoy Rog is a modern Ukrainian city of regional significance with a population of 620 thousand people. More than 300 thousand of them are women, accounting for more than half of the total. Surprising figures, given that we’re talking about the world’s greatest iron ore area, where fragile women have a tough time finding acceptable employment.

When you arrive in this lovely city, the first thing you will notice is the beauty and attractiveness of its women. These ladies are very conscious of their beauty and will not allow themselves to seem less than flawless. The secret of a slim, stunning figure is constant physical activity. No, women from Krivoy Rog do not work day and night in mines, everything is much more prosaic: sport is an important part of their lives.

This isn’t unexpected at all. In this city, there are several updated sports clubs and sections. At the same time, many Krivoy Rog inhabitants participate in professional sports, and they do so quite well. There are winners of Ukrainian and global championships in a variety of sports among them.

Krivoy Rog is not a megacity, therefore life is more measured and peaceful here. Despite this, the girls of Krivoy Rog have ambition and a drive to succeed. They are modern and independent, therefore they would rather have a successful profession than the monotonous life of a desperate housewife. Regardless of the situation in which a Krivoy Rog woman finds herself, she will undoubtedly demonstrate a high level of professionalism and a keen interest in achieving an excellent result.

Because the females of Krivoy Rog take their jobs extremely seriously, education is also a major concern. The majority of Krivoy Rog women opt to pursue further education at one of the local institutions or to pursue their interests in other locations throughout the nation.

It is worth noting that the city’s high degree of industrial growth has a significant impact on women’s career choices in Krivoy Rog. Not every Ukrainian city can boast of such a large number of women in occupations that appear to be completely male.

The peculiarities of the job, of course, leave an indelible mark on the Krivoy Rog women’s personalities, making them more resilient, powerful, and patient. They respect labor and understand that life isn’t always like a winning lottery ticket; most of the time, achieving the desired outcome takes persistence and effort. This is a crucial characteristic for a good, happy relationship in which a woman does not act like a spoilt princess.

You should realize that the desire for independence and self-expression does not imply that the ladies of Krivoy Rog are just concerned with their jobs and are opposed to starting a family and having children. Everything is the polar opposite! Family is the most important thing to them, but they are also quite skilled at being a caring mother, a devoted wife, and a dependable employee straight away.

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