Women from Odessa, Ukraine

Ksenia L.
2 min readFeb 25, 2021

Odessa is the third most populous city of Ukraine. Spread over the Black Sea coast, it attracts tourists from different parts of the country for many reasons such as various cultural events, the famous Odessa Music Festival, and concerts. Coming here, you will be greeted by Odessa’s friendly residents, sunny cozy courtyards, beach umbrellas, and charming girls, of course. Today, the population of Odessa is about 2.4 million people, of which 1104.8 million are women.

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

These sun-tanned beautiful ladies wearing bright swimsuits on the beaches of Odessa drive men crazy. By the way, wellness procedures including mud baths and mineral waters are extremely popular in Odessa all summer long. That’s the place where Kuyalnik is located — one of the oldest sanatoriums in the world. Odessa is a wonderful city for relaxation, romantic walks, and enjoying the indescribable beauty of sunsets and sunrises. Here you can not only regain your strength after a hard working year, but also find love! Actually, there are a lot of single ladies interested in meeting a foreign man in Odessa.

Odessa is an important cultural and educational center in Ukraine. It has a university, founded in 1865, and numerous other institutions of higher education. There are a variety of museums and theaters dated from 1809, including the world-renowned Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The seashore South of the harbor is a popular resort area, with numerous sanatoriums and holiday camps.

Odessa is often called “a big city with a small town feel”. Odessa’s women are known for their great fashion sense and their sense of humor. Plus, they are very cheerful. To prevent the bad things from happening, ladies from Odessa always find positive aspects of any situation and use them as an opportunity to laugh. These jokes make the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly. You will definitely never get bored with a woman from Odessa!

Ladies from Odessa are known to have an excellent culinary taste. Mussels, shrimps, shellfish and other sea creatures are very popular food for residents of coastal cities. Seafood diet helps Odessa’s women stay slim and attractive (as well as a great number of public gyms, cycling and swimming classes, yoga, aerobics and other sports). Local ladies never miss an opportunity to spend their weekends actively.

Due to the hot climate and high temperatures, local girls don’t use much of a decorative cosmetics. Walking along the streets of Odessa, you will see many sun-kissed ladies with shiny hair, rosy cheeks, and sparkling kind eyes. They don’t need to highlight their cheekbones or tattoo their eyebrows to look beautiful and attractive. When meeting a girl from Odessa, the first thing that catches your eye is her natural beauty.

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